Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spiced Winter Ale from Blue & Gray is now available

I received an email update this morning from Blue & Gray Brewing. Their Spiced Winter Ale is now available. As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the Winter beers that I look forward to. Orange zest, cardamom, clove, cinnamon and more combine for an aromatic and tasty Winter treat. This was one of the first spiced ales I tried and I'm very found of it. Spiced Winter Ale is planned to be available through January. However, Blue & Gray beers are popular and often sell out early. Last year I showed up at the brewery one early morning in January to have my growlers refilled for a party only to be greeted with a sign on the door that proclaimed the Spiced Winter Ale was sold out. As I phoned home to let my wife know, the guy behind me got to the door, read the sign, and also got on his phone to call home! There were plenty of disappointed folks that day. I'll be heading to the brewery soon to have my growlers filled. This year I'll get my party stock filled earlier!

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