Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Beer Assemblage, Good Friends, New Friends, and One Outcast Beer

We joined four other families for a quickly arranged Super Bowl party on Sunday. The host, who isn't a craft beer drinker, let me know he'd have some "geriatric beers" on hand and that I might want to bring along some other beer that I would like. "Geriatric" being the term he uses for the macro-beers he prefers. I loaded a cooler with Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale, Avery Ellie's Brown Ale and Old Dominion Spring Buck. I figured that would be a well-rounded selection as I wasn't sure what other folks might choose to drink. Since we were only going next door, I could always make a refill run if necessary. I also packed up a number of shaker pint glasses, just in case there were no glasses available.

Upon arriving I set my cooler in the corner of the kitchen, and set out the glassware on a nearby countertop. Not too long after we arrived another family arrived, also toting a cooler. In that cooler was a variety of craft beers. Soon another cooler was carried in, followed by another. These contributions brought an assortment of beers from Sam Adams, Old Dominion, Carolina Brewing, Leffe, Rogue, Duck-Rabbit and a number of other craft breweries. I spied some bottles I didn't recognize but never got around to taking a closer look. It looked as though we had nice assortment to get us through the game. As folks settled in and got into the beers, I was pleased to note that they were pouring the beers into the supplied glasses.

Not too long into the evening, I heard someone exclaim "Who put this Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic in my cooler?" Apparently the person who brought it was trying to pass it off. That started a conversation among three of the guys who had tried this beer already, and who were in agreement that they hadn't liked it. I remarked that I'd never gotten around to trying the Cranberry Lambic. That led to good-natured prodding the rest of the evening that it was time for me to try it. I wasn't really in the mood so kept dismissing those requests. Besides, being the lone Patriots fan in the room, I figured I was getting enough ribbing already. What if I actually liked the Cranberry Lambic? Why be even more contrary? It was a fun evening (despite the outcome of the game.) A few of the families in attendance had not met previously so new friends were made. As the game droned on, we spent a lot of time discussing craft beers, our beer experiences, along with likes and dislikes.

And what of the Cranberry Lambic? When I came home and was putting the leftover beers back into my refrigerator, I discovered the poor stepchild of the Sam Adams Winter Pack had somehow made its way into my cooler! So soon, I'll take the time to find out just what this beer is all about.

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