Thursday, April 3, 2008

Doing That Twitter Thing

Okay, it's geeky, and I'm probably of the wrong generation to fully get it, but did I set up a Twitter account a few months ago. I then promptly forgot about it. That is until I received an alert that Tom Cizauskas over at the blog Yours For Good Fermentables was following* me. So I updated my account and decided to give Twittering a try for a while. There's a growing group of beer lovers getting in on this. And at least one brewery is using Twitter for quick updates. Perhaps it will be useful to post random thoughts that don't warrant a full-blown blog post. We'll see. I may get tired of this in a month, or even next week. If you want to play along, you too can follow me here.

*It's not as perverse as it sounds. On Twitter, following someone simply means receiving their Twitter updates.

Followup post, October 16, 2008: It's working.

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