Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Cask Ale for Fredericksburg

The Cafaro Company, developers of the The Village at Towne Centre in Fredericksburg have announced one of their first tenants will be "The Fredericksburg Pub." The new establishment is described in a Free Lance-Star article as "An Ohio-based chain whose restaurants have exteriors modeled after the classic corner pubs of London. Their interiors include a handcrafted bar from which guests can sample a wide range of English, Scottish and Irish draft beers as well as cask-conditioned and domestic beers."

After making some inquiries, I received a reply from a manager for the new establishment that included a press release from the Cafaro Company. In part it states:
The heart of hospitality in every British neighborhood is its pub. So it shall be at the Village at Towne Centre. The Fredericksburg Pub will open its doors this November, offering a sensational array of brews, and savory dishes to satisfy hearty appetites. The Fredericksburg Pub is a warm, authentic re-creation of the a traditional British public house, with the subtle, casual flair of modern colonial influence.

The centerpiece of The Fredericksburg Pub is a stunning wraparound bar handcrafted in the United Kingdom, surrounded by beautiful, imported decor. “It’s a very authentic British Pub.”, said Tom Hoffman, Principal of the establishment. “There are 85 different beers from all over the world, mostly from the British Isles.” They include cask-conditioned brews, ales and domestics that change on a rotating basis. They are served up through “optic pourers”, inverted pouring systems that originated in Europe. The knowledgeable barkeeps also serve up an impressive variety of cocktails and wines by the glass or bottle.

I'm not familiar with this chain, but the prospect of cask-conditioned beers is itself appealing. What will the beer selection be like? How many fresh casks will be available? Real fresh ale or faux? The Pub is now reported to open by December 1, so we won't have long to wait until I can research for answers to these questions.

The Fredericksburg Pub is not to be confused with Fredericksburg's long-established "The Pub" which will soon have a brewpub onsite. Battlefield Brewing is slated to open this Fall inside the latter. Got it? Imagine the thrill of having two fresh ale pubs competing for our thirsts!

Update, December 2: The Pub's opening has been delayed two weeks due to a health department request to redesign a door leading to the outdoor patio.

Update, February 22: The Fredericksburg Pub is reviewed here.


  1. What with the this opening, CAH opening and now the Battlefield Brewing coming I will be doing a lot of driving from Chesterfield to check these places out. Plus now I'll have places in mind whenever I drag the family up to DC and heading home.
    - Edmond

  2. Makes me happy I am in the wine business :-)


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