Monday, October 5, 2009

Capital Ale House Oktoberfest A Success

I was out of town this weekend so I did not get to to visit the Capital Ale House Oktoberfest held in downtown Fredericksburg on Saturday. (I attended the World Beer Festival in Durham, NC. More on that later.) However, the Free Lance-Star was on hand to report on the festivities.
The 900 block of Caroline Street was closed to vehicle traffic for the day, and pedestrians took over. Sidewalks remained open, but the pavement became a beer garden at noon. The area reached its 1,200-person capacity by 1 p.m.

"There are many more people than we expected," Matthew Simmons, Capital Ale House president, said.

It sounds as if the event was a rousing success. I certainly look forward to seeing more events like this in Fredericksburg.

Read "Huge crowds on tap for Oktoberfest" for the complete article and pictures.

Update: Local bloggers post their reviews at "Sarahiously Speaking" and "In The 'Burg".

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