Friday, July 2, 2010

Lee's Retreat is Open

That's right folks, Fredericksburg now boasts TWO brewpubs. The long-awaited brewpub at Blue & Gray Brewing opened this week. The brewpub is open Tuesday -Thursday, 11am-9pm, and Friday - Saturday until 11pm.

The Lee's Retreat menu is posted here. The chef, Frederick T. Heller (Fritz) is originally from Hackensack, NJ and has 20 years experience in the restaurant business. Fritz has built most of the interior of Lee's Retreat and was instrumental in menu development. I've not had the chance to visit, but you can be sure I will very soon. The photo of the bar at right is take from the Blue & Gray's Facebook page.

The pub has Blue & Gray beer to go as well. During brewpub hours, you can purchase 22oz bottles, and swap out screw cap growlers and beer bombs. No dine-in required.

Did I mention there are now two brewpubs in Fredericksburg?


  1. I hope to make it up there soon. I have to say that bar is just gorgeous. Now they have good looking place to pour their fine beer.

  2. Edmond, be sure to let me know when you are up this way.


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