Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Lure of the Kindle

Earlier this year I put the Kindle app on my iPhone, mostly out of curiosity. I've long said I prefer "real" books to "electronic." I soon found myself frequently taking advantage of unexpected moments of downtime to get in some reading — sitting in the doctor's office, waiting in the car when picking up my son from school, stuck in a hotel, etc. I've written about this new-to-me convenience previously. Eventually, I put the Kindle application on my laptop. Now I could read on a larger screen when I was at home. The downside, the application is on my laptop. I couldn't read without being distracted by email, RSS alerts, reading blogs, etc.

So an actual Kindle became the temptation. After years of "smart phone" use, a simple single-function device with a basic grayscale screen seemed like a throwback. But, at it's core, a book is also a simple single-function device with a basic grayscale screen. Now, thanks to my family and an early Father's Day gift, I have a Kindle Touch added to my electronic device menagerie. I like it! I can tell I'll use it frequently at home, and will carry it with me when I know I'll have down time. I'll still use the iPhone for reading during unexpected free time, and even my laptop for breaks at my desk.

The Kindle versions of books generally cost less than printed versions, and are certainly more convenient to carry around. It's great to have numerous selections on hand from which to choose, depending on my reading mood. There are a lot of classic works available for free download. I've also found many Church-related books, especially early writings, which are available for free, or at a low price. Of course, I'll probably reinvest in Kindle versions of a few books that I reread frequently. And a protective cover, and a power adaptor... (Seriously Amazon? A charger is not included?)

I wonder why it took me so long to come around.


  1. I'm now in the Kindle camp too... a review to come.

    1. I remember when you were considering it. That's about the time I started thinking about it myself. Just took me longer to do it. :-)


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