Saturday, September 1, 2012

King George Action Shooters

King George Action Shooters is a group "dedicated to USPSA, IDPA & Cowboy Action Shooting in King George, VA." Thanks to the hard work of some dedicated people, Fredericksburg area shooters will soon have a new venue at which to participate in action pistol sports. A few weeks ago the King George Action Shooters hosted an open house at their home range, the Northern Virginia Gun Club, with a few IDPA and USPSA stages set up. I had a previous commitment and couldn't make it, but from the reports I've heard, it was a successful event.

KGAS is a new club, still in its infancy and not yet affiliated with USPSA. However, they are hosting their first USPSA style match this Labor day, September 3. This fun shoot will follow all USPSA rules and scoring. The plans call for 2 field courses and 2 classifiers. It sounds like a good time to come out for some practice, or to learn more about USPSA. Contact information is on the King George Action Shooters web site. (Hurry, you need to register in advance.)

The registration for the August Fredericksburg Practical Shooters match was filled up in just 11 minutes. Having another local venue to shoot USPSA is very welcome. I wish the club the best and look forward to participating in the King George Action Shooters events.

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