Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eisbock, That Reminds Me...

I have a bunch of boxes stacked in a dark corner of the cellar that hold beers I put aside "for a later date." It's not an overly extensive selection, there's a definitely a good party or three lurking back there. Recently I came across this article, "An American 'Ice' Beer With Serious Punch." The article gives a brief history of the Eisbock style and also reviews an American version created by Gordon Biersch.

Reading that article flickered a memory. I put a few bottles of Kulmbacher Eisbock away years ago. Could they still be there? I headed to the cellar to check. Sadly, I must have succumbed to temptation already as I was greeted by a thick line drawn through the listing on the side of the box. However I'm seeing lots of other long forgotten beers to tempt me.

I might have to look around for that Gordon Biersch Braumeister Selekt Weizen Eisbock. Sounds like just the thing to break out the next time we burn some peat bricks in the fire pit.

Gone! :-(


  1. A review (among the first online) of the G-B Weizen Eisbock:

  2. Thanks for that link. I hadn't seen it.

  3. Finally, a brewery I have heard of. We used to go to the Gordon Biersch restaurant in California. Good times!

    1. AGirl, Jason Oliver at Devils Backbone in Nelson County brewed for GB previously. If you like GB, you'll like Devils Backbone lagers too.


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