Friday, January 2, 2015

Ringing (Steel) in the New Year

We didn't make it to the range on January 1, so the first range trip of 2015 happened on January 2. It was a chilly but sunny morning when Colleen and I headed out for a bit of smoke and noise making at the range. We even dug out the steel targets for some celebratory ringing.

We started off shooting at the steel, expecting someone to question the steel use eventually. I had a conversation with the Chief Range Office just last week, and he verified I was approved to use the Nevco targets. Soon we had our requisite conversation with the on-duty RO, who quickly headed off to call the CRO at home to check out my story. He was pleasant enough about it at least, unlike some others have been.

We spent some time ringing the steel, and were both quite happy with our hits. The constant dinging on steel is what attracted the RO — I guess shooting well is a mixed blessing in this case. (And it's so much easier when you're not on the clock at a match!) It's been a long time since we took the steel targets to the range and shooting (and hitting) steel always makes for a fun time.

The rest of our time was spent shooting the cardboard USPSA targets. I worked on drawing from the holster, which I've done very little of lately, as most of my recent practice has been at indoor ranges. I even risked getting called for shooting "too fast" and took multiple shots at multiple targets in a single string.

It was a super fun morning of shooting, but the best part is the time spent shooting with my wife. It's been too long since we had a range "date." And that's certainly worth putting up with the crazy range rules.

Addendum: I've been in contact with the CRO, and he's going to work out some system to reduce the hassle we face using the steel targets.

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