Monday, March 16, 2015

Sights and Sounds of Spring

Okay, it's not officially Spring for another week, but after the cold and rain and snow of recent weeks, the 65° plus temps, it's close enough! Nice weather combined with longer days culminated in a welcome trip to the range. The last time I was able to shoot outdoors was back on January 2nd. On Sunday evening I grabbed my gear and a couple target stands and headed for the range. No one else was shooting so I was quickly set up and enjoying the solitude. Unfortunately it was so windy I had to use the second stand as an anchor for the first, so didn't get in any multiple target practice. (Note to self: Pick up some metal spikes at the hardware store.)

Most of my time was spent drawing from the holster and just putting one or two shots on target. Starting at 7 yards, then 10, then 15, I fired about 50 rounds from each position. I did mix it up a little with some movement, and switched between taking body and head shots.

A beautiful sight — brass on the ground

My solitude was short-lived when a guy came by and asked if I had found any ear protection. I replied I hadn't and he left. He returned a short while later with his young son who had apparently left the gear behind earlier. They searched around the bench area, all the while he was berating the boy for his carelessness. (And don't think I missed his surreptitious glance into my range bag and back of my car.) After a while I was thinking, "Give it a rest, dude." Fortunately by this time I was on my last string of practice and was soon picking up my brass, all the while he continued his chiding of the boy. Not all the sounds on the range are enjoyable, but despite this interruption, I was still thankful for the time spent outside shooting. Let's hope this is the start of a trend!

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