Friday, April 22, 2016

Just a Day at the Range

On Thursday our friend "Checkered Flag" was visiting, so he, Colleen, and I headed over the range after work. It was a sunny and warm day, perfect for spending some time outside. Since I knew I couldn't get to the range on Earth Day, I counted this day as my "celebration" and figured I'd do my part in restoring some lead and copper back into the earth.

We ran no specific drills this outing, it was really just time to stand and shoot. You might say it was like dry fire practice, pulling the trigger — but with live rounds  — over and over again.

At one point Colleen asked me, "Who's the guy watching us with binoculars?" I looked and saw him about 50 yards back by the bench. When I went to talk to him I saw he was one of the range officers. He said he had come out of the club house because of the "rate of fire going on." I guess he was satisfied to find he was hearing three guns going off, and not someone violating the "rapid fire" rule, as he didn't stick around.

At least standing in just a few places while we shot made the brass easy to pick up. It was a fun couple of hours before it was time to head home for a refreshing adult beverage.


  1. I'm hearing more and more people mention their range rules about "rapid fire," and frankly it turns my stomach. I know it stems from someone ruining it for the rest of us with their stupidity, but I'm a big boy. I go to the range to better my skills, and one shot every two seconds doesn't always cut that mustard. It ranks up there with no drawing from a holster, another skill killer.
    Sorry for the rant. Did I mention I love reading you posts?

    1. Rant on friend! Its extremely frustrating to hear those grade school rules - punish the whole class for the antics of one. Sometimes I think the range leadership are gun-hating democrats. I find it interesting that they always seem to catch me shooting "too fast" yet never catch the idiots shooting up the telephone poles or handling guns while people are down range. The funny thing is that "too fast" is defined as "left to the discretion of the RO."

      Glad you enjoy the posts. Cheers.


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