Thursday, March 16, 2017

Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger...


I think that's going to leave a mark.

This is an old video that's been making the social media rounds recently. The thing I find most unsettling is that the students stood around laughing. I would have made tracks for the exit after the gun spun by my face.

Videos like this bring back frightening memories. A few years ago I was standing next to a retired federal LEO, trainer and author when he wanted to show me a SIG he had in his truck. He racked the slide, then dropped the mag, and pulled the trigger. The round went into the bed of his pickup. Fortunately I had moved to his side as he removed the gun from it's case. You just never know...


  1. Well. I'm torn between laughing at the way he just kept on going and knowing that I've left the range a couple times because people were neither safe nor taking the results of their lack of safety seriously. A day when bullet fragments clipped my cheek and pants leg comes to mind...

    1. "I've been around guns all my life" is one of the scariest things to hear on the range.


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