Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Always Thinking Stage Strategy

We were out for a hike on Sunday and came across these timbers that the Park Service had put down to help with rainwater diversion. The first thing to pop in my head... fault lines.

I had a similar experience with a mound of dirt recently. I wonder, could this be a sign of addiction?


  1. They are called "water bars" and the NPS in some parks is trying to replace the wood ones with rocks.
    The rock does not rot or wear out and in many cases the rocks can be found nearby the trail instead of being hauled in by workers.
    The rocks look much more like they belong in the trail too.
    A little more time and effort is required to make the rock water bars, but once in place they require little if any maintenance.

    1. Yeah, I think rocks would seem to fit in better.
      And maybe I won't think IDPA fault lines. :-)



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