Monday, October 26, 2020

Stinky Cup Holder Ashtray

The cup holder ashtray from Stinky Cigar was something I purchased on a whim a while back. After losing more than one cigar off the table at the brewery when I went to refill my beverage, I ordered this to hopefully alleviate the issue. Designed for the cup holder in a car, the ashtray will not stand on its own when the lid is open, however it has still proven useful in many instances.

The ashtray will stand up securely when placed in an empty coffee mug. It also works great on the beach when set in the sand. The springy metal clips will hold the cigar without damage, and keep it secured from blowing away. 

The tight fitting lid will prevent any ash odors from escaping between uses. Even when smoking in the strong breeze of the Outer Banks of North Carolina I could set the cigar down to refill my beverage or grab a snack without worry.

Note: I am not affiliated with Stinky Cigar, just a satisfied customer.

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