Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Scenes From the Weekend

We treated ourselves to a long, four day weekend and headed off to our (current) favorite spot near Buchanan, VA. What had earlier been predicted to be a wet, cold weekend, turned out to be a fairly dry, but still cool weekend. For most of the weekend it was perfect for afternoon and evenings spent outside enjoying the view, good drink, and of course, cigars.

The roads were crowded on the drive to southwest Virginia Thursday, and the trip a little longer than usual, but before the sunset I was on the porch enjoying a refreshing beer and smoke. The cigar was Black Label Trading Company Viaticum, paired with Blue Mountain Lights Out Winter Ale.

The scenery of the surrounding pastures and mountains in the distance added to the blissful feeling. 

After lunch on Friday, the winds heralding an approaching cold front diminished significantly and we were able to enjoy some time by the fire pit. Over the course of the next five hours or so, we burned a lot of wood, while I sipped some whiskey, and enjoyed a couple fine cigars.

The first pairing included Few Bourbon and the Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2021

Watching the stars come out by the glow of the fire is an experience that never fails to set a man's heart at ease. 

After a quick dinner inside, it was time to return to the fire and enjoy another good cigar. I closed the evening with the 2021 Black Label Trading Company Bishops Blend. And naturally, a few more sips of the Few bourbon were in order. 

Saturday afternoon brought us to the "main event" of the weekend, the VA Tech Hokies football game against Duke. The cold front arrived in force, with brisk winds and rapidly falling temps — classic football weather I suppose. Due to the high winds, I opted to skip my customary tailgate cigar before the game.

Well-bundled against the cold, although the efficacy of the multiple layers diminished as the evening wore on, we enjoyed an exiting game and a Hokies win.

I really could not have hoped for a more relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

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