Thursday, May 18, 2023

Even Tuesday Deserves a Treat

What seems to be the never-ending streak of a wet and cool spring offered a small reprieve Tuesday evening. The sun was not totally clouded over so I grabbed a cigar and bourbon to enjoy after dinner on the porch. 

That evening's smoke was a long-time favorite, the Southern Draw Manzanita. This stick has been resting in my humidor since last October so was ripe for lighting up. I truly enjoy the earthy smoke accented with bold dark chocolate and cedar notes. There is kick of pepper to help it match the simple demands of the bourbon.

The Blanton's Single Barrel is one that is considered allocated in Virginia's state-run distribution scam scheme. Since it's not often easy to get, I'll drink it on limited occasions. Not only special occasions, even Tuesday evening will do.

Of course, before the cigar was finished, the next batch of rain was moving through.


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