Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Saturday Evening With Little Book Chapter 6 Whiskey

Lately I've been turning to whiskeys on my shelves that I haven't opened in a while. Often first impressions don't do a whiskey justice. One's mood, the foods recently eaten, the weather, many factors influence the enjoyment. The same is true with cigars, although I am admittedly more apt to stick with my initial judgments when I don't enjoy a specific cigar. Maybe the higher of the beverages allows for more second chances.

This weekend I grabbed the decorative box containing Freddie Noe's Little Book Chapter 6 "To The Finish" for another try. I had opened the bottle a year ago when I picked it up during one of VA ABC's over-hyped "allocated drops." At the time I was admittedly questioning the price I had paid for the bottle. This time was different, and I was moved to refill my glass more than once before the evening was done.

The Little Book series is an annual release from Freddie Noe, the son of Jim Beam master distiller, Fred Noe. The blended whiskeys are a testament to Freddie Noe's talent, and a nod to the family's heritage. Chapter 6 "To The Finish" contains four different, four year old malt whiskeys and a five year straight bourbon.

The whiskey is bottled at 117.45 proof. The aroma brings images of "someone's baking in the kitchen" with scents of brown sugar, caramel, and spices. The sip is warming, with oak, walnuts, cinnamon, and a mild pleasing smokiness. The finish lingers as it coats the tongue with an oily viscousness. 

I selected a Lampert Oscuru Torpedo to smoke with the whiskey. This was a selection that was included in the July Luxury Cigar Club Core membership and is an otherwise unreleased variation of the Lampert Cigars Oro lineup. It's a hefty 6 x 52 torpedo. The specific tobaccos were not listed. This is an impressive looking cigar, very well rolled with a sharply pointed cap. The dark wrapper was smooth and glistened under the lights of my deck. In fact, it was so oily and smooth that it actually slipped out of my hand about mid-smoke. Impressively the ash mostly held and the burn was unaffected by the fall.

The flavors of the cigar complimented the whiskey well. Dark chocolate, espresso, roasted nuts, and some pepper all made themselves known. Medium to full bodied, the profile was not overwhelmed by the flavorful high proof drink. I tend to start with a skeptical mindset when a cigar of the month club throws in  unreleased or newly found stock, especially from lesser-known (to me) brands. I need not have worried with this one. I've yet to be disappointed by anything shipped by Luxury Cigar Club.

I had to adjust my heater to be nearer to me and at a higher setting by the time the smoke was finished, but the evening remained pleasurable. The flavorful whiskey and cigar took away much notice of the cool evening air and breeze. 


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