Monday, November 6, 2023

Halloween Chocolates

The evenings when we walked the neighborhood with our son and friends on Halloween are but memories now. I admit I don't always look forward to jumping up and down to answer the door repeatedly, but most years we participate, remembering the thrill it was for the boy. As a celebration-relevant treat, I poured myself some Maker's Mark Hint O' Chocolate II to enjoy with, of course, the occasional candy bar.

The Hint O' Chocolate is a Virginia ABC pick from 2022. The Private Selection is part of the Maker'sWood Finishing Series that was selected by, or for, VA ABC. Bottled at 107.9 proof, there are fruit and oak aromas to start. Those notes continue to the taste, with the addition of sweet cream to the mix. The "chocolate" comes in late. It's a soft mild chocolate tone that fades pretty quickly. I admit when I first tasted it upon purchase, I was not overly impressed. However, perhaps with better timing, I found it a quite enjoyable sip, if a mild one. 

Unfortunately, I'll have plenty of candy to pair with this and other bourbons for a while. We had NO trick or treaters come to the door this year. We live on a cul-de-sac with just a few homes and the kids these days only seem go to the houses on the main street, and only the ones that bring the candy to them at the end of the driveways. Their loss, my gain.


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