Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition Cuchillo Parado and a Cocktail

A sunny afternoon and moderately warm temperature allowed for an unexpected return to our tradition of Sunday afternoon cocktails on the deck. I decided to mix up a slight variation on the Cranberry Citrus Cocktail we enjoyed over the holidays. We didn't have any cranberry simple syrup made up, or fresh cranberries, but we did have some cranberry juice on hand. I had also recently restocked the Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon that we enjoy so much for cocktails. The rosemary and cranberry garnish was skipped, but the drinks actually were still quite tasty and refreshing.

Colleen put together a cheese, fruit, and cracker platter to go along with the cocktails while I searched for a cigar.

I came across a Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition Cuchillo Parado that had been resting since last June. It actually took me a few minutes to remember what the cigar was, the band not being very informative. Finally placing the cigar, I recall it had not been a stellar smoke prior, but I felt I'd give it another chance, at least for a few minutes.

To review, the Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition has a San Andrés Sumatra wrapper, with San Andrés grown tobaccos also making up the binder and filler. It's an all Mexican tobacco blend. The wrapper was aged for five years and the rolled cigar then aged for five to six months. The previous example I smoked developed a somewhat bitter and yeasty taste that was not overly compelling. As I lit this stick, I got a blend of straw, and bread, along with a hint of pepper. The burn line remained even but the ash was flaky. I didn't notice the funky sourness I got before, but the cigar still tasted somewhat dull and straw-like.

The "winter" cocktail was enjoyable. I can see revisiting it in warmer weather as well, perhaps with a bit of ginger ale to add some refreshing bubbles. The cigar is not one I am a fan of although it does get some favorable reviews online. It was not unpleasant per se, but just isn't a cigar that fits my preferences. Nonetheless, I still opted to smoke most of the cigar, while enjoying a couple of the tasty cocktails. The pleasant weather and relaxing conversion with my wife added to the joy of the afternoon.


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