Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Caldwell Eastern Standard Cream Crush

It was a cool and breezy Sunday afternoon, but the sun was shining. The Caldwell Eastern Standard Cream Crush seemed a good choice to enjoy while sipping a cup of coffee and listening to acoustic blues on the radio.  

Caldwell Eastern Standard Cream Crush is a 7 x48 Lancero with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. The wrapper is said to be a hybrid seed offering a fuller bodied smoke than a typical Connecticut Shade cigar. The binder is Indonesian with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. The light brown wrapper glistens in the sunlight.

Upon light up, I get surprisingly robust citrus and pepper notes. As the cigar processed, the flavor became more creamy, with hints of leather, nuts, and cedar. The cigar is indeed more flavorful than I expected. The cigar was part of a Lancero sampler pack I purchased in August 2023. Not typically one to enjoy many Connecticut Shade cigars, I was curious if I would enjoy this one. But I did. The burn was even but I needed to give it a boost with my torch a few times to keep up the smoke output.

The issue I had with the Cream Crush was the problem removing the smaller band. The overlap was glued so tightly that I had trouble getting a fingernail under the edge. When I could raise a small corner, the tiny bit tore off without unwrapping the band. I could see the wrapper starting a small crack as I worked on the band removal. I finally used the tip of my pocket knife to get a cut in the band to tear it off. As a result of these struggles the wrapper was cracked and lifting off in a couple places. Upon removing the larger band, I could flakes of extra glue hanging off the edges of it. After employing the extra skill needed to roll a Lancero cigar, it's a shame to have a careless bland application detract from the final product.

My coffee had a bit of caramel vanilla flavoring in it. The sweet and bitter flavor profile of the coffee matched well with the cigar. I am also looking forward to the coming, and more consistent, warm weather so the deck time is even more abundant.


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