Monday, May 13, 2024

Hidden Humidor Treasure: 2018 Fratello DMV Virginia

I decided to dig deep in the humidor for something to smoke on a recent evening. Pulling out the bottom tray where I had put cigars "for later" led me to a Fratello DMV Virginia. I have just two left from the original 2018 release, and looked forward to seeing how the cigar had aged.

This Fratello DMV Virginia features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, with an Ecuadorian binder. The fillers are a mix from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and the USA. I've always enjoyed Fratello cigars, but the original DMV releases are some of my favorites. 

The Virginia vitola is a 5 1/2  x 52 Robusto. After more than five years in the humidor, the cigar still has an oily sheen and the chocolate brown wrapper is in perfect condition.

I first smoked the DMV Virginia during a release party at my local lounge, where I had the pleasure of meeting Fratello owner Omar de Frias. My notes on the cigar from that evening included tasting a strong spice and roasted note, as well as an oily sensation on my lips. As I've smoked more over the years, I've noticed the flavors have mellowed very little, but have come together in a balanced profile. I still get roasted coffee, leather, cedar, and bit of pepper. 

The vintage Fratello DMV Virginia burned evenly, producing copious flavorful smoke. I truly enjoyed it and look forward to, slowly, going through the remaining sticks of the series that I have tucked away.


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