Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Samichlaus Abuse

I came across this posting on a Virginia college's "sports forum."
Oh, and there's a Samichlaus in the fridge
World's strongest beer, brewed once a day on Christmas Day. I got one (from last Dec 25) as a gift a few weeks ago. I think I'll pour it into a frosted mug and see what its li[k]e.
Now, it's no surprise the guy thinks a frosted mug was the way to go. The mega-brewers have been misleading beer drinkers for years by promoting beer in sub-zero mugs in order to prevent people from actually tasting their beers. I'm sorry that the poster didn't get to enjoy the full flavor of the Samichlaus, at the proper temperature. I came across this post because someone else on the forum directed the original poster to my post against frosted mugs, so maybe there's a good outcome to the story. In the poster's followup posts, he makes no mention of the flavor or his experience, other than to reply "too late" to the admonition against the frosted glass. He does mention it took over an hour to finish the beer. At least it had surely warmed by then, and maybe it wasn't too watered down from melting ice.

Of course Samichlaus is no longer the world's strongest beer, nor is it brewed on December 25, but that's beside the point. More on Samichlaus here.


  1. Respect for posting twice on both Christmas and Boxing Day.

  2. Sad, so sad.

    I got a Samichlaus as a gift. You can be sure that I will be enjoying it at a much more appropriate temperature.


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