Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fredericksburg's Missing Cask Ale

They say patience is a virtue. For cask ale fans in the Fredericksburg area, it's a necessity.

Back in October, I received a press release for a new pub chain coming to Fredericksburg. The Pub's beer selection is said to "include cask-conditioned brews, ales and domestics that change on a rotating basis." The Pub was scheduled to open earlier this month, but has been delayed by changes to the exit design required by the local health department. A January opening is now planned.

Oh, by the way, this new establishment is now properly known as "The Fredericksburg Pub." This change comes after the attorney for a nearby business, also called The Pub, notified the owners of the new The Pub that the name was already in use in Spotsylvanina County. So let's see if I can explain. The Fredericksburg Pub is the new pub, it's not located in Fredericksburg City, but in Spotsylvania County. The Pub is the long established business, just down the street, also in Spotsylvania. Got it?

Readers will recall when I made a visit to the then under construction Capital Ale House, I was shown the preparations being made to support two casks of fresh ale. I've been making inquiries weekly but, as of last night, these taps are still unused. Here too, the wait for local cask ale continues.

On a related note, be sure to check out Tom Cizauskas' post at Yours For Good Fermentables regarding fake cask ale being passed off as the real thing. Let's hope we don't have to deal with such a travesty locally.

Update, February 22: The Fredericksburg Pub is reviewed here.


  1. Any word on when The Pub will have the brewing gear installed?

  2. Ryan, the last word I have is that they are still working on design and permitting issues.


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