Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Last Event at Old Dominion?

With the word of the closing of Old Dominion Brewery came laments about the loss of the monthly "Taste of the Tanks" events. At these first Wednesday gatherings, visitors were treated to brewery tours and early tastes of upcoming Old Dominion releases. Duane Carr who frequently attended the gatherings posted this to the DC-Beer mailing list.
From what I was told by the brewers out in Ashburn in November, this WEDNESDAY - Dec. 3 - will be the FINAL Open House at the soon to be shuttered brewery out in Ashburn,VA. The brewers have promised to bring out all of their one off/single batch/experimental beers that have been aging in the warehouse in bourbon barrels, casks, etc. They promised around 10 different casks/barrels in addition to the line-up of drafts ( last time, they had the Baltic Porter, an oaked aged barrel Millennuim, the new pale ale, and a few others ). With the brewery in Ashburn closing up by the end of the FIRST QUARTER of 2009, this will be the final opportunity for touring, tasting, and lifting a few glasses to the Old Dominion brewery in Virginia that will soon be just a memory. So, before the brewers stop brewing and before Coastal/Fordham pulls all of the tanks to Delaware, let us join one more time in the back of the brewery to share in the fellowship, good beer and good memories that Old Dominion has provided out in Ashburn for almost 20 years. The event begins around 6pm or so...maybe a little later.....and goes until????????

It's likely just two more seasonals will be released from the Ashburn facility, Millennium this Winter and Spring Buck in the early Spring. If you can get to Ashburn on Wednesday evening (that's tonight), you'll be part of an historic event.

Update, December 4: Tom Cizauskas (Yours For Good Fermentables) attended the event and has posted a photo essay.

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  1. It is a real shame the facility is closing. I have fond memories of going there for dinner with my wife when we were stationed here in 1998-1999. While on deployment in 2005, I sent a friend there to buy me oak aged Millenium for my return to the states. I opened one this past Thanksgiving and it was extremely smooth and well worth the wait.


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