Saturday, January 3, 2009

Announcing Session #24 - A Tripel for a Two

The Session is a monthly collaborative effort when beer bloggers write their own perspective on a single theme. For an overview of previous Sessions, see Jay Brooks' summary here. It is my pleasure to host the 24th Session, to take place on February 6, at Musings Over a Pint.

Beer is best when it's shared, and a strong beer is just right for sharing. Belgian Tripels are big beers with a flavor profile that is enjoyed by both experienced and new beer fans. Be it an intimate evening, or watching a ball game on TV, a Tripel is made for sipping and sharing. For Session #24 the theme is "A Tripel for Two." What Tripel would you pick to share with that good friend, family member, or lover?

If you have a beer or beer-related blog, it's easy to participate in The Session. Pick a Belgian-style Tripel to review. Tell us why it's your pick to share with that special someone. Be sure to include a review of the beer so that others might be inspired to choose that beer for a special moment. Bonus points if the person with whom you are sharing the beer includes their review as well.

Post your contribution on February 6. Then leave a link to your post in the comment section below or on my own contribution on that day, or send me an email letting me know about your post. I'll post a summary of all the Session contributions within a few days of the Session date. I look forward to reading about all those interesting Belgian Tripels you've been enjoying.

Update, February 9: The Roundup for Session #24 is here.


  1. Hey David. Can we try a twitter taste-off on the night of the session? Look here:

  2. Interesting idea. Of course, the idea behind the session is to share the Tripel with another "live" person. :-)

    I only skimmed some of the reviews of the TTL (I was camping this weekend) but it does sound like folks enjoyed it.

    Any one else have any thoughts on this?

  3. Hey David,
    Fun topic! Since we didn't wait til the 6th to drink the chosen elixir, we saw no reason to wait til then to post the blog. Voila:

  4. Great topic. Our post is going up at 6AM on the 6th, but the URL is:

  5. Hi David,

    Thanks for hosting. My post is now online.

  6. Our first blog for the sessions has just been posted.

  7. I shared a Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel with Ron.

    My contribution:

    Ron's contribution:

  8. I choked...didn't get an actual review done, but I put together a small post. Thanks for hosting.

  9. Thanks for hosting; it was fun to taste a few tripels in the name of blogging :)

    Beer-O-Vision's post is here:

  10. Tripel for two - simple and fun - thanks for hosting!

    Here is my post:

  11. Here's mine:


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