Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Time to Open That Special Bottle of Beer

The Wall Street Journal reports that February 28 was the 10th annual Open That Bottle Night. Dreamed up by WSJ wine writers Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher in 2000, OTBN takes place on one weekend in February each year. Enthusiasts finally break out that bottle of wine they've been saving for a special occasion, but never got around to actually opening. OTBN gatherings are held in restaurants and private homes around the world. Friends and families gather to share a special occasion that otherwise might not ever happen.

Reading the accounts in the Wall Street Journal article made me think about the special beers I've been saving, waiting to enjoy at just the right moment. How often do you pick up a bottle of beer, contemplate opening it, only to think, "I'll save that for..." and set it back down? I know I've done that many times. But why? Beer is meant to be consumed. Sure, some of the bottle art is interesting, but nowhere near as enjoyable as the liquid inside.

Delay no more. Open that special bottle of beer. There will always be another special beer, for another special occasion. What beer are you saving for just the right moment? Drinking it will certainly bring more pleasure than just contemplating it.

There's also a web site devoted to Open That (Wine) Bottle Night at


  1. I've got so many beers waiting in the cupboard that I pick up and then put back thinking I'll open it another time! It a terrible affliction I have that I cannot open 'special' beers without feeling guilty and I need to wait for an 'occasion'!

    I'll try and open up a bottle or two this weekend!

  2. A good idea. I've been aging some bottles in my beer cellar for a while now. Some North Coast Old Stock 2008. I think one bottle may just be ready for opening up. I've also been aging and a limited run Odell Woodcut No 01 since last August. May be just the time to pop that open as well, however, I'm saving at least one special bottle for my 50th birthday later this year. So I can't be too impatient.


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