Wednesday, June 17, 2009

$50,000 Beer Mug

I've written about expensive glassware in the past, but this golden beer mug pushes the envelope. It's (currently) valued at around $50,000. The company says the mug "enhances the drinker's experience." What beer would you put in a $50,000 mug?

From Reuters.


  1. No question: DFH's Midas Touch

  2. Great suggestion edenman!

    Dan, I don't think so. Gold flakes are added to Goldschl├Ąger liqueur. :-)

    And of course, gold vessels are used in Holy Communion.

  3. I found Goldschlager to be quite toxic! I found the same to be somewhat true of the sacrament, but that's a discussion for another forum.

    After an internet search, gold itself is not toxic but some byproducts can be. And it apparently is a strong allergen for some.


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