Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blue Mountain Brewery Expands Production

Nelson County Life brings us the news that Blue Mountain Brewery is preparing to double their production capacity.
It’s been a busy week already for the folks at Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton. They have been in the process of offloading a new tank that will double their draft and bottled beer distribution in stores and restaurants. “We just recently got to the momentous mark of having our draft and bottled beer in over 100 restaurants and stores across Virginia. This new tank is going to help us double that within a year,” Mandi Smack, co-owner of BMB tells us.

This is great news for Virginia craft beer fans. The folks at Blue Mountain brew some excellent beers and it's good to hear we'll be treated to greater availability.

Hat tip to Nelson County Life. See the complete article here, complete with pictures.

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