Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Festival Conflicts

What's wrong with this picture?

October 3, 2009, Durham, NC:
14th World Beer Festival Durham

October 3, 2009, Fredericksburg, VA:
7th Annual Capital Ale House Oktoberfest

October 3, 2009, Shirlington, VA:
10th annual Mid-Atlantic Oktoberfest

That's right, they are all on October 3. I'll be attending the World Beer Festival in Durham. That's a "guys' weekend" for me and some buddies. So that eliminates the options to attend the other two. I hope all you local beer fans will come out and support the Capital Ale House Oktoberfest. There's been some local opposition, so come out and show the downtown merchants you support these types of events. I suppose in theory, it might be possible to hit both the Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia events the same day. Theoretical, not practical. What's a beer lover to do? Be happy that there are so many options, that's what!

If you are so inclined, the Fredericksburg Wine Festival is also taking place that weekend.

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  1. You know the next several weekends just are way too pact of festivals. This weekend is the Capital Ale House Midlothian and the 1st Annual River Bend Festival in Scottsville, VA. Then onext weekend is the Blue & Gray Brewery Oktoberfest and Capital Ale House Oktoberfest in Innsbrook. Needless to there are enough festivals for everyone to enjoy.


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