Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Devils Backbone Planning Expansion

The Devils Backbone Brewing Company has plans to build a new production facility. Managers say the facility would dramatically increase production and distribution of the company's award winning beer.

Devils Backbone General Manager Chris Trotter said, "We could go after certain markets and be in retail stores, restaurant accounts, things along those lines."

Managers say the goal is to break ground on the production facility within the next few months. The company is also looking to open a second restaurant location.
Exciting news, but not surprising given the success of Devils Backbone. Hopefully this means we'll see the brewery's award winning beers locally before too long.

Complete story and associated video here.

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  1. It has been a pleasure to watch the growth of DBBC since moving here in 2009. Mrs V and I have no qualms whatsoever about the 40 minute drive out there, so good is the beer/atmosphere/well pretty much everything about it.


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