Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Washington's Cherry Wheat

The seasonal Washington's Cherry Wheat from Blue & Gray Brewing was one of six beers on tap at the Lee's Retreat brewpub during a recent visit. As noted previously, I had opted for the Black IPA, while Colleen asked for a sampler of the wheat beer, followed by a full pint serving, of which she kindly allowed me a few sips.

Blue & Gray Washington's Cherry Wheat pours a hazy golden color with a thin white head. The aroma is as expected from a wheat beer, but with the faint addition of a tart cherry hint. The flavor is wheat, mild butter and caramel. The cherry notes added some zest to the taste. Colleen remarked she was glad the cherry was mildly tart, rather than sweet. The fruit is subtle and adds a pleasing twist. I was already enjoying my Black IPA so I wasn't inclined to switch, but I found I enjoyed this beer quite a bit. I'm generally not a fan of fruit in beer, neither in the brewing nor on the rim of the glass, but I'd certainly be inclined to order this beer again. It would be a refreshing libation for a warm summer afternoon.

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  1. I had Blue & Bray Washington's Cherry Wheat on 6/11/2011. While I liked it, it was not one of my favorites they make. I am still a fan of Falmouth American Pale Ale. Well that and the restaurant. Alphageek Talks Food: Lee's Retreat Brewpub


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