Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gubernatorial Hops

The Washington DC Examiner is reporting that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is making a contribution to the local craft beer scene:
Virginia's craft brewers have an ally in Gov. Bob McDonnell, who will soon be contributing his own hops to the growing industry. McDonnell planted a total of about 15 hops vines on the grounds of the governor's Richmond mansion Monday and expects a harvest from the 2-year-old cascade vines this August. 
"Virginia was once a hotbed of hops production," Todd Haymore, Virginia's secretary of agriculture and forestry, told Yeas & Nays, citing Thomas Jefferson and George Washington as past growers. "We're coming back around to our history."
Haymore hopes the hops will be used in a commemorative beer to highlight the Virginia craft beer industry, and to recognize this year's 200th anniversary of the Executive Mansion.

The Governor visited Devils Backbone Brewing in Nelson County last year. I guess he liked what he saw, or tasted.

See "Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell joins craft brewing movement" for more information on the hops at the Executive Mansion.


  1. Now if only he could plant "AR-15 vines" we'd have the whole enchilada.

    1. LOL! Sadly, I think the Gov is only pro-2A when it's convenient.


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