Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Schwartz Bier

Driving back from last weekend's USPSA match, I stopped at a roadside market to pick up a large cup of carbonated, sugar-laden beverage. (Take that Bloomberg.) I glanced over at the beer display and was surprised to see Devils Backbone Schwartz Bier on the shelf. I didn't pick any up at the time, even though it was one I'd never tried, and I do enjoy a good beer after a day of shooting. (Take that Becky Bond.) However the next day I did make a run to the local beer aisle and included a six pack of this dark lager among my purchases.

Schwartz Bier pours a very dark cola brown with a moderate beige head. The aroma of bready malt, roasted coffee and a touch of chocolate reminded me of a mild porter. The flavor has roasted coffee, mild chocolate, toasted grains with just a hint of sweetness. There is a subtle smokiness than comes in the end. A moderately thick mouthfeel and dry finish caps off the beer.

It was fortuitous that I spied this beer on my way home from the match. I was looking for something a little different from my usual favorites, and it filled the bill nicely. Not too heavy, and fairly low ABV (4.9%), it made a good mid-afternoon refresher while relaxing over the Memorial Day holiday. 

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