Friday, November 29, 2013

A Better Black Friday

Try as I might, there's just no way I can wrap my head around the desire that some people have to rush out and shop for "Black Friday" deals. After spending a day giving thanks for the stuff we have, why is there a need to rush out and buy more stuff? Instead, we opted for more pleasant sights and sounds on this day after Thanksgiving.

Not the least of the day's pleasures was the much anticipated leftover turkey sandwich. There's just something about turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and mayo on toasted white bread that's hard to beat. We even had some debate around the table over which was better; the original meal or the leftovers.

After lunch, we decided to take a chance on getting out for some shooting fun. I figured the ranges would be crowded, but maybe we'd time it right and get in. As suspected, all the pistol and rifle bays were jammed packed, but no one was using the shotgun field. Fortunately, I had loaded up the shotgun paraphernalia, just in case, so we spent a short time bustin' clays. Unfortunately, we couldn't get on the pistol range.

After that short visit to the range, there was little left to do except relax and enjoy a good malted beverage. I opted for a Starr Hill Snow Blind to finish off the afternoon. This new Winter seasonal was just the thing to prepare for another welcome Black Friday activity; the afternoon nap.

With the right choices, Back Friday really can be a day of fun and relaxation.

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