Friday, October 3, 2014

Social Media Pub Fail

I admit it, I'm somewhat of an internet-nerd. I use social media and my cell phone to find out about events and keep up with the news. Each afternoon, I check the Facebook pages of my favorite local pubs to see if there's anything I shouldn't miss. I dutifully checked Wednesday afternoon, found nothing of interest, so I went shooting. Imagine my disappointment when I checked the Park Lane Tavern page on Thursday and saw this:

A quick calculation of "20 hours ago" put that post right about 5:00PM on Wednesday. That's the time the STG events typically start, and about one hour after I last checked the page. I'm really not interested in another Blue & Gray glass, but Blue & Gray Baron von Steuben Oktoberfest is one of my favorites from the brewery. Given that the Blue & Gray brewpub is no longer open to the general public, I would have definitely gone by Park Lane for a pint.

Well, at least I found time to hit the range, and I hopefully the beer will be available for a few more days, but wouldn't some advance notice make good marketing sense?

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