Friday, July 17, 2015

Cooling Off at Center of the Universe

After a quick and fun pistol match at Black Creek, I decided to stop by Center of the Universe Brewing in Ashland to cool down with some good beer. Even though I pass by the brewery fairly often, I haven't had a chance to stop in for a couple of years. COTU has a large outdoor patio, but I opted to sit at the bar, in the air conditioning. Hopefully any leftover, um, perspiration, wasn't picked up by the other patrons.

The first thing I noticed, to my relief, was the glassware. During my last visit, the beers were being served in plastic cups. I was happy to see proper glasses being used. I started out with the newly released 2015 Wort Share Session IPA. This 4.5% ABV ale was very tasty. The aroma was mild but citrusy. I was surprised by the fresh, "juicy" citrous flavor. The beer was very light bodied and refreshing. My glass was emptied quite quickly.

Wort Share Session IPA

As much as I enjoyed the Wort Share Session IPA, I was even more interested in trying another of the brewery's beers. I was intrigued by the Main St. Virginia Ale listed on the chalkboard. It's an Altbier, a style that I enjoy, but one which many breweries' attempts have often been disappointing. I've only had a sip of this one during the prior visit. The beer was not available on draft, only cans at this time. ("Yes, in a glass, thank you.") The beer poured a dark amber color with a beige head. The aroma was sweet malt and yeast. The flavor profile had a rich malt backbone, with grass, biscuit and grain notes with a pleasing bitter finish. No disappointment with this one!

Soon I was sufficiently "cooled down" from the pistol match and it was time to head for home. I was glad I made the time for the short detour. The beers I had at Center of the Universe were refreshing and quite well done. I just might have to make this a regular part of my mid-week shooting plans. Most of the COTU beers are available in cans, so at the very least, I'll be picking up some "to go" supplies.

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