Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Premium Beer

"I'll have water, please. Thanks."


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    1. I think the waiter was taken aback after I read the list and replied I wanted the regular water, without the corn and malt. :-)


  2. Funny how that goes......I just happen to have a frosted mug out of the freezer filled with "XX" amber topped with a chunk of lime sitting right here next to me!! Tasty Beer!! As for the "Bud" and "Bud Light," "silver bullets" and Miller Lite, well I do like the "Bud!" As for the "Ultra," I can say I have seen "Yankee Coffee" with more "Umph!!" What bugs me though was "Back in The 'DAY!!'" Beer was Beer!!! I remember "Falstaff," "Jax" and "Regal" The "Big 3" down here in SE La. "Back When!" AND!! Dont forget "Dixie" (before the "Old Brewmaster" died....his secrets died with him!!) I remember the last of my college daze before I went into the Navy at the end of '66, 'went to the store and got a 6-pak of Dixie for $0.99, a pack of hot dogs, a loaf of bread and had enough money left over from the $5.00 bill to make a 7,500' Skydive the next day at the airport!!! Time and Beer sure flies when yer' havin' Fun!! Beer, It's not just for Breakfast anymore!! As for great lines about beer....In Apocapalypse Now ol' Lt.Col. Bill Kilgore (Rob Duvall) "Great Shot Red Team, 'Get 'ya a 'Case of Beer' for that one!!!" when they took out the dink .50cal.!!!
    NO SKY TOO HIGH!!!!!,
    Got Gunz...OUTLAW??,

    1. There's something to be said about the days of drinking the old beers. (And some things left best unsaid!)
      Blatz, PBR, Natty Boh ...

  3. I call those "Garden variety beers", because the only thing they are suitable for is to put in a container in the garden to attract the slugs.

    1. I tried that in our greenhouse once. Even the slugs ignored it!


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