Friday, September 4, 2015

Another Award for Spencer Devon

The Summer awards list for the United States Beer Tasting Championships have been posted and there's a familiar local name on the list. Spencer Devon Brewing was named a National Grand Champion in the Bitter-ESB category for their Bittersweet IPA. Beers that first win regional competitions go on to be judged against other regional winners to determine the National Champions in each category.

Spencer Devon lists Bittersweet IPA as an English-syle IPA. On a recent visit to the brewery, owner Shawn shared the story of his entry being moved into the ESB category for judging due to a lack of an English IPA category. Despite that unexpected transfer, the beer won the category!

After admitting I hadn't tried the other recently awarded Spencer Devon beer, Rocko's Milk Stout, I am happy to say I have enjoyed Bittersweet IPA on many occasions. Call it an English IPA or a ESB, it's a fine tasting libation worthy of recognition.

I suppose I'll need to return to Spencer Devon soon to enjoy another Bittersweet IPA and make a congratulatory toast in honor of this award. If the folks at Spencer Devon keep winning awards, I may never leave the place!

Congratulations to Spencer Devon owners Shawn and Lisa, and brewers John and Mariah. Keep up the great work!

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