Saturday, September 5, 2015

Red Dragon Brewery Kickstarter

There's another brewery in the works for Fredericksburg. Red Dragon Brewery has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for their brewery project.
The Red Dragon Brewery gets its name from the red dragon which appears on the national flag of Wales, which has symbolized this Celtic nation for more than a millennium. The brewery is inspired by the owners' ancestral roots in Ireland, Scotland, England, and in particular, Wales. So, it is with pride in this heritage that the Red Dragon Brewery is committed to producing the very finest of craft beers.

The Red Dragon Brewery team, with your support, has decided to take it to the next level and share the Red Dragon Brewery with you. The brewery will sell beer directly to the public in an onsite taproom. The taproom will be a warm, welcoming place where customers can enjoy beer in a relaxing atmosphere. Beer will also be available in bottles and growlers “to-go”, along with other promotional items such as Red Dragon logo t-shirts and glassware. Tours of the brewery and beer samplings will also be offered.

The Red Dragon Brewery will initially offer you three different styles of beer for its flagship releases:

- St. David’s Stout
- Road Rash Red IPA
- Counting Fireflies Belgium Blonde

In addition, Red Dragon Brewery will produce many traditional styles as well as a variety of experimental beers, creating a different twist on traditional beer. At any given time, the brewery plans to have five to six different beers available on tap for your enjoyment in house or to go.

The folks behind Red Dragon have been brewing beer locally and planning their endeavor for several years. I have no affiliation with the brewery, and to my knowledge, have never met any of the guys involved, although we do have some mutual friends. I look forward to the opportunity to change that in the future and also try out their brews.

You can follow Red Dragon's progress at their Facebook page.

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