Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day Range Trip

I heard the communists were planning a day of rioting on May 1, so I decided to add some balance to the universe with a trip to the indoor shooting range. When I arrived at the facility, the parking lot was more full than I've seen it recently. Fortunately most of those folks were finishing up and leaving as I began my session.

Today's practice started out with the 50 round Establishing Your Baseline Drill from Tactical Professor. The quick drill consists of five 10-shot strings, shot from 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 yards.

Shooting fairly fast, I noticed my shots tending to the left. They were all -0 still but grouping towards the left side of the circle. That led me to spend the next 50 rounds addressing that issue. I switched to shooting at the non-shot head area of the target, as well as a 5" splatter stick-on target. That was all done at 10 yards. Slowing down gave more centered hits, as expected.

Next I set up for the 50 Round Julie Glob Drill that I use often at the indoor range. As with the first drill this day, I tried shooting quickly without waiting for a perfect sight picture. My shots were all -0 hits in the body or head areas, but still drifting to the left a bit. That's user error and something to work on in the future.

This was more than likely the last live-fire practice with the new SIG before I shoot it in an actual match in a few days. I won't say I'm entirely ready, but I am as ready as I'm going to be.

I had an interesting encounter while I was at the range. I turned and another shooter was standing behind me, but at a respectable distance. He asked if I was shooting the new P320. He was a SIG fan shooting a P229. He asked a few questions about the gun and I offered him the chance to shoot it if he wanted to try it out. Which he did of course.

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