Monday, May 22, 2017

Practice Round Count

I was reading some friends' comments online recently about how many rounds they fired in a month. They were quoting numbers like 1,500 or 2,000 each month. I knew I was nowhere near those numbers, but it made me curious to check my own shooting logs.

As of May 16, my last range outing, I had fired approximately 2,875 rounds in practice this year. While not high numbers in comparison, those rounds were generally fired with a purpose in mind. I fired another 935 or so rounds in IDPA matches were I could judge the fruits of that practice.

I stated earlier this year that I wanted to step up my dry fire time as well. Sadly that hasn't happened yet. I've only gotten in about 4 and a quarter hours total so far, in mostly 10 minute sessions.

Self examination can be revealing. I will try to raise the numbers in all three categories this summer.


  1. I'm about the same however no matches. I would like to at least double it. Four calibers. Yes, every round is sent for a purpose.

    1. The matches are the only places I can shoot on the move or around cover these days, so they are an important part of my routine. I too want to increase the round count but that likely means more competitive shooting.


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