Saturday, July 1, 2017

Guns in Bars: Seven Years

Seven years ago today I walked into a restaurant that served alcohol, while carrying a concealed weapon — and nothing happened.

On July 1, 2010 a Virginia law went into effect allowing persons with concealed handgun permits to keep their guns on their body while dining in an establishment where alcohol was served, as long as they weren't drinking. Prior to this date, guns were only permitted if they were carried openly. (The logic behind that still eludes me to this day.)

Despite the predictions of the gun grabbers and other anti-freedom activists, the past seven years have not brought mayhem and bloodshed. In fact, the first year there was a noted reduction in gun crimes in restaurants.

All in all, carrying while dining while other people enjoy a beer is a non-event. If anything it reduces the number of folks fiddling with their guns in their cars before they head in to eat.

The next step towards freedom is the removal of requiring permission from the State to exercise my rights.


  1. By the same token, the State of Idaho last year allowed its residents, apparently, to carry concealed without a permit. Despite the dire warnings by some, pretty much nothing happened.

    Indeed, it seems that even the rate of folks apply for concealed permits, which you can still get there, wasn't impacted that much.

    1. At some point, the FUD will be proven for what it is.

  2. i live in va too, and i quit asking permission when the republicans screwed cuchinelli and let terry mac be gov, a moment of high treason in my eye.. the state doesn't give me rights anyway, they are mine by virtue of birth. it is up to us to remind those that "govern".

    1. I hear you friend. Until we give Northern Virginia back to DC, I fear little will change in the Commonwealth.


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