Thursday, December 14, 2017

Range Date

My weekly range practice session was especially enjoyable this week. Colleen met me at my office and we headed over to the range together. We've not been able to have a range date for many months so I was looking forward to it.

As luck would have it, the range was a little busier than usual when we arrived, but it soon cleared out. It also seemed much more cold than usual. But, the shooting fun still happened! 

Due to range's opaque walls between shooting positions, we were shooting at the same time, rather than together. I peaked around the partition a few times for brief chats whole reloading magazines.

I spent most of my time slow shooting at 7 and 10 yards. It was one of the few range trips I've made recently when I had no specific plans in mind. It really was just about enjoying a lunch-time date with my wife. We'll have to make it a more frequent occurrence. 

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