Saturday, February 3, 2018

Scenes From A Relaxing Saturday

It's been a tiring few weeks in these parts, and by the time Saturday morning rolled around, I found I simply needed some down time. So after sleeping in, albeit just a bit, I enjoyed a few invigorating cups of coffee and the happy reality that I had no place else to be.

I had opted out of shooting an IDPA match this morning, a lack of energy combined with bitter cold made that an easy, though lamentable, decision. However once refreshed, I still had the desire to get in some trigger time. To quench that need, I made a spontaneous trip down to Winding Brook Indoor Range. At least the temperature indoors was quite pleasant.

I brought along the SIG P320's, both the full size and the compact. Starting out, I shot each gun at 10 and 12 yards. It was interesting jumping back and forth between the two, actually noting very little difference. I then decided to have some fun with the timed turning target. Shooting from low ready at 10 yards with a 2 second exposure gave me some practice at quick sight acquisition and fast followup shots.

Even the drive to and from the range was relaxing, with a bright sun in the sky, very little traffic, and good blues emanating from the car speakers.

This is how you reenergize.

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