Saturday, April 14, 2018

More Practice at the Range

After the exciting Virginia Indoor Regional last weekend, I was anxious to get back to the range for more practice. Family and work commitments finally allowed that to happen on Thursday. I'd been dedicating a lot of range time the last couple months to shooting with the flashlight in hand. Now that I can relax on that for just a bit, I decided that one-handed and distance shooting would get my attention in the coming weeks.

I started with an easy warm up, shooting the usual Julie Golob 50 round drill at seven yards. I then moved the target back to 15 yards. After emptying a couple magazines, I pushed the target back to 20 yards. It's difficult for me to aim at a specific point on the distant and blurred target. Shooting slowly, I dropped a few shots low, but was pleasantly surprised to see the shots being generally centered, instead of drifting and low left as often happens.

30 holes at 20 yards

I'm rather enjoying shooting at the longer distance. I'm not getting 2 inch groups, but they're "combat effective" and generally -0. There was a time I was happy to even hit the paper at 20 yards. After another 50 rounds I started rushing, which had a detrimental affect on my accuracy. Since I found myself speeding up anyway, I set the target carrier for some timed exposures at 7 yards for a bit. Static weak hand and strong hand only shooting rounded out the session.

As I packed up, I commented to the range officer, "I'm out of bullets." He replied, "We can fix you up at the counter." I am proud of myself for resisting the temptation.

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