Monday, April 16, 2018

Take A Gun Owner to the Range

Taking a new shooter to the range is a great way to convert law-abiding citizens into gun owners. Most shooters very much enjoy taking new shooters to the range. I've introduced a number of folks to the fun of shooting, and to the armed lifestyle. In fact, my offer posted here still stands. But I believe there's another segment of the population that we need to (re)introduce to shooting. I'm talking about people who already own guns yet who infrequently, if ever, practice with them.

How many gun owners do you know who support the natural right of self defense and gun ownership, and even own firearms, yet never shoot those guns? Shooting is a perishable skill. Simply buying a gun and shooting a box or two of ammo through it does not prepare you to use it to defend your life or the life of a loved one. You must shoot it, and shoot it properly, on a regular basis. If you aren't shooting your handgun on a monthly basis, you probably aren't truly prepared to shoot that gun if called to do so. You're also, quite frankly, missing out on a lot of fun.

Going to the range regularly helps to develop and maintain shooting skills. Participating in competitions will help even more. You'll shoot under some pressure, you'll be put in uncomfortable or unusual positions, and you'll become a better shooter.

I'm extending that offer I made to new shooters, to include those "inactive" gun owners. If you own a gun, yet have not shot it in months, I will help you rectify that. Maybe you just haven't felt like going to the range alone. I'm always up for it so will join you. If it's been a while and you're nervous about shooting again, I'll help. I'll take you to the range as my guest. I'll even provide the ammo and targets. Want to try an IDPA match? I can help with that too. All you need to do is put forth the effort to do it. Let's have some fun!

Obviously, this is applicable only to readers local to me. However, I do encourage everyone to reach out to the non-shooting gun owners in your area. Let's fill those ranges.

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