Thursday, August 2, 2018

Doctors and Guns

When it comes to gun ownership, it seems that family physicians are not always supportive. However, I am fortunate to have some health care providers who are not only accepting, but take an active interest firearms.

When I'm getting a chiropractic adjustment, I need to remove all the thicker objects from my belt and pockets. The conversation usually turns to range visits and guns. The chiropractor asks about recent match experiences, so I tell him about anything that hurts when I'm shooting.

Our family doctor will often look at my weigh-in data and then ask what I'm carrying. In true patient / doctor familiarity, he often remembers what I wore during my last visit.

Still don't like going to the doctor.


  1. The conversation with my eye doctor today involved his asking which was my shooting dominant eye even though guns and shooting hadn't come up in conversation.

    1. Interesting he picked that up. :-)

      I forgot about my eye doctor! I've dry fired in his parking lot with test lenses!

    2. It may be because I live in WV and there may be fewer people without guns than with.

  2. That’s a beautiful thing.



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