Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Return to the Range

To my chagrin, I haven't gotten in any trigger time for a couple of weeks. Now that the outdoor range closes at 4:00PM it's very hard to get there after work. I also hadn't been down to the indoor range in nearly two months. My reluctance to get to that range was due mainly to summer-time traffic on I-95. The lack of range use is not a good ROI on my membership fees!

A welcome sight.

On Monday I finally had a chance to load up the SIG P320 Compact and do some shooting at the indoor range. Since I haven't practiced in a while, this outing was mostly focused on trigger press. I also took the opportunity to shoot some longer continuous strings than I am allowed at the outdoor range.

After shooting 120 rounds at distances of 7, 10, and 15 yards, I decided to have some fun with the timed turning target. Drawing from the holster is not allowed (without paying an extra $60/year) but even from low ready I was able to get in some target focus shooting at 7 yards. All in all a good session.

When I first got to the range, it was as crowded as I've ever seen it. All the lanes in my bay were in use. I was relieved however that most folks seemed to be shooting .22 rifles, so the noise factor was low. That is until the shooter in the lane right next to me started sighting in his .30-06 hunting rifle. That reminds me, I need to add more foam ear plugs to my range bag in case I need to double-plug again.


  1. Good use of the time, and I'd seriously consider a set of electronic muffs for indoor shooting.

    1. I use MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X. Best range gear purchase I've ever made. Even indoors they are usually sufficient. The rifle a couple feet away was distracting though. But, that's probably good training too. :-)

  2. Most people at my range are nice and call their high powered rifle shots or use a can. 3006 is only bad at indoor ranges. outside the only thing that sucks is muzzle brakes at the pistol range

    1. The rifle wasn't all that bad, just unexpected each time it went off. I hear you on the muzzle breaks!


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