Monday, November 30, 2020

Post Turkey Smoke and Drink

After devouring a delicious Thanksgiving meal lovingly prepared by Colleen, while the family "rested" in the living room, I sought my solace on the back deck. The sun had not yet set, and the temperature still hovered in the upper 60's. 

Lighting a Rocky Patel LB1, I contemplated a beverage. I'd been looking forward to a glass of bourbon as a digestive. However, we had enjoyed some bubbly Prosecco with dinner, so I continued that with the cigar.

The Rocky Patel LB1 boasts a smooth Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, along with a Honduran binder and Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. Coffee, cedar, and a subtle earthiness make for a satisfying flavor profile, come through first. The medium bodied smoke starts off with a touch of spice, transitioning to a muted sweetness in the background.

To my delight, and some surprise, the crisp flavor of the Prosecco paired well with the smoke. As the sun set and the cigar neared the its end, the call went out that pie was being served. That was my cue to join the family inside. 

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